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dixonwalsh: i love you, donna. <3

I love you too, Mel, you dweeb! ♥

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if you are in any way rude to someone who blogs in a language that is not their native tongue and send them nasty messages over their spelling or sentence structure, i need you to reevaluate yourself as a person.

… so very much. 

My amazing tmd-dump-station is from another country, English isn’t her native language but you know what, she fucking taught herself to speak and write in English because sadly that’s the only way to get ahead in this world. She watched tv and movies in English, she learned to read and write it from scratch as I’m sure many other people on here did who didn’t have it as a class in school.

Does she sometimes spell something wrong or use the wrong word entirely or not completely understand something I’ve said to her? Of course she does but do I mock her and correct her every damn time? No, I fucking don’t because I’m not a disrespectful piece of shit. If she asks me for help with a word or a phrase then of course I give it to her but 9 times out of 10 she looks it up herself because she’s still learning what is one of the most complicated languages on the planet.

How many of you talk to people all over the world on here on a daily basis who are fluent in English? Do any of you even give a moment’s thought to how hard it might be for them to communicate with you?

All of you writing in a language that’s not your own amaze me on a daily basis and when I see you receive messages in your native tongue it amazes me even more and makes me ashamed that I can barely speak English let alone another language. 

I applaud every single one of you and if I see this kind of shit on my dash, I will be on you so fucking fast your head will spin.

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Norman goofing around behind the scenes of The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (x)

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GET LUCKYNorman Reedus happy dancing (x)my first attempt to pseudo-rotoscopy-IDK-whatever[feel free to reblog but DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST HERE OR ANYWHERE ELSE OR I’LL ROTOSCOPY YOUR ASSESS - and then I wanna see you shittin’ frame by frame!]


Norman Reedus happy dancing (x)
my first attempt to pseudo-rotoscopy-IDK-whatever

[feel free to reblog but DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST HERE OR ANYWHERE ELSE OR I’LL ROTOSCOPY YOUR ASSESS - and then I wanna see you shittin’ frame by frame!]

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Norman Reedus at Cosplay Costume Competition [Thank you for the video!!]

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Happy Birthday Andrew Lincoln!


Happy Birthday Andrew Lincoln!

September 14 2014, 06:37 PM

James Clutterbuck. 14/09/1973.

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Question meme

I’m a little behind on these again because I’ve been lost among the wolves for a couple of weeks so I’m sorry if I spam you guys!

tagged by my partner-in-crime reedusproblems & my new tumblr buddy pumpkinmama2012


  1. The RV or Hershel’s blue pickup truck? 
    The RV for sure. Although hardly a good choice for a fast getaway or maneuverability.
  2. Merle. One or two hands?
    Oh one definitely.  Come on, would he have been half the badass he was with two?
  3. Maggie’s hair. Season 1, 2, 3 or 4?
    Hmm, probably 3 into 4.
  4. Shane rubbing the back of his head or Shane saying “lemme tell you something”?
    Rubbing the back of his head. (and saying “lemme tell you something!”)
  5. Daryl’s hair. Season 1, 2, 3 or 4?
    3 without a shadow of a doubt although I love it short and blond too and OMG s4 hair is doing something to me i can’t explain
  6. Carl/Rick or Carl/Michonne interaction?
    No choice, all 3 as a family unit. 
  7. Carol. Season 1, 2, 3 or 4?
    Wow, this is tough. I love her progression in every season so I guess I have to say 4 as that’s an amalgamation of all her experiences to date.
  8. Bring back Dale’s stomach or Hershel’s head?
    Hershel’s head! *covers Dale’s ears* I wish they could have had more time together. :(
  9. What would you rather watch with me. Season 1, 2, 3 or 4?
    All! I want to have discussions from start to finish. 
  10. Favorite female character?
    Michonne/Maggie/Carol - not choosing! :p

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September 14 2014, 06:06 PM

dingoespain: Let's try something different. Palette challenge - Maggie or Glenn and Maggie in 57. Thank you! Annnnnd go!!! ;)


♥ with the new brush! ♥ 


(changed in palette 53 as you asked after!)

100 Palette Meme

OMFG!!!! my gf made me hot Maggie art!! I don’t know which one of them I love more! :p